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Organisms that Change -  Metamorphosis  Sept, 28 Sat, 9-12 pm

Organisms that Change - Metamorphosis Sept, 28 Sat, 9-12 pm

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Organisms that Change -  Metamorphosis (Code - T-Tule02)
Many invertebrates change through their life cycle.  However only a few vertebrates, like frogs and steelhead fish actually go through metamorphosis.    Class will cover collecting data on arthropods and other small organisms in the environment; butterflies and moths; beetle life cycle; ants as decomposers and their life cycles; comparing bees with flies; mimicry; design, engineering and creation of bee hives; learn how to maintain butterflies and moths in the classroom; learn about science gardens and how to use them to collect data. Workshop participants have the opportunity of taking home milkweed plants and silkworm coccoons.  Monarch eggs and caterpillars (if available) can also be collected.  Once you take class you may come onsite and get samples throughout the school year. 
Materials:  Milkweed plants and seeds, choice of Safari life cycle (beetles, butterflies)